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Colorful fashion figures rectangular placemat (40/60 cm.)

SKU: 02fafmatm6owbw40-60

Mix & Match: Choose the colors you love, and mix it in a variety of matching different products. Colorful fashion figures rectangular placemat (40/60 cm., 15.74/23.62 in.) This product is available in a variety of materials and colors for your own personalized selection.

Choose Material
Choose Color
Unique black/white
Sharp red/black
Special red/blue
Inspiring violet
Pastel blue red
Special pleasant brown
Special beige blue
Pastel strong pink
Feeling blue/green
Soft purple/orange
Pastel purple
Pastel orange
Soft pink/turquoise
Unique olive
Pastel green/pink
Soft blue/yellow
Almost orange
Gold feeling